How you can help protect your right to vape

The time is now to act! We need your help in fighting Governor Whitmer’s decision to ban flavor e-liquid and vape products.

The Defend MI Rights coalition is taking a stand and need your support. United we can make a difference and get our message to the proper officials.

We are asking for you to donate to our cause. In doing so you will be supporting a coalition that will fight for the right to vape!

Go to and click on the “contribution” tab to donate or send a check made payable to Defend MI Rights, Inc. to:
Defend MI Rights
2025 East Beltline SE, #408,
Grand Rapids, MI 49546

A multi-industry coalition has been established in Michigan regarding recent e-cig developments called “Defend MI Rights”

The purpose is to fight the Governor’s overreaching and illogical ban on flavored vape products and advocate for an effective and proven regulatory solution.

The Coalition members include many sectors of the vaping industry both big and small and also include groups that are fundamentally opposed with the course of conduct taken by this Governor in unilaterally regulating out an industry.

Information regarding joining the fight, who your elected officials are, donations, facts & data can be found at


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